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Hi' I am Madalina Simion (EN)

I am clinical psychologist since 2013 and a neuropsychologist in training with primary focus on pediatric medical disorders and clinical assessment for diagnosis.

Madalina Simion (EN)

Academic training

  • 2021 – present, MA in Clinical Neuropsychology (Instituto Superior de Estudios Psicológicos, Spain): comprehensive training in neuropsychology under Houston conference guidelines
    • Functional neuroanatomy and psychopharmacology
    • clinical neurology
    • neuroimaging techniques
    • attention and executive functioning disorders
    • perception and movement disorders
    • speech and language disorders
    • neuropsychological assessment
    • pediatric neuropsychology
    • psychological interventions in dementia
    • neuropsychology of systemic, multisystemic and autoimmune diseases
    • mental disorders
    • investigation methods
    • neuropsychologcal rehabilitation of attentional and executive functions, perception and voluntary motor control, memory, language disorders (aphasia)
    • intervetion in autism spectrum disorders
    • neuropsychological intervention in minimal brain dysfunction: dyslexia, dysphasia
    • neurorehabilitation of the patient in coma, vegetative state and minimal responses
    • neurorehabilitation of mental disordes (bipolar and schizophrenia)
    • neuropsychological intervention in aquired behavior disorders
    • psychological intervantion in dementias
  • 2020 – present, in training in pediatric clinical neuropsychology (Neuropsicologia Infantil, ISPEDUC, Spain)
  • Social-Emotional Learning training – University of Colorado Boulder
  • MA in Clinical psychology, Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca
  • BA in Psychology, University of Bucharest

Professional Experience

Clinical Psychologist
May 2021 – present
Performed clinical, neuropsychological, developmental assessments
Clinical Psychologist
NeuroPedi Private Practice
April 2016 – Present
Managed own private practice
Performed clinical, neuropsychological, developmental assessments
Supervised clinical practicum for psychology undergraduate students
Communicated with schools and other facilities regarding patient needs and progress
Conducted disability assessments and determined child’s eligibility for special needs programs based on test results.
Determined children’s eligibility for special needs programs
Clinical Psychologist
Romanian Gifted School
September 2020 – april 2021
WISC-IV assesements and report writing
Clinical Psychologist
Medicum Clinic
July 2020 – april 2021
Performed clinical, neuropsychological, developmental assessments
Research Assistant
West University of Timisoara Psychology Department
May 2019 – present
Conducted cross-cultural adaptations of instruments for executive functioning in adults and children
Reviewed literature, scored, constructed posters, prepared presentations for professional conference submission, and edited articles for journal submission
Clinical Psychologist
KinetoBebe Rehabilitation Center
January – August 2018
Conducted clinical, neuropsychological, developmental and disability assessments
Developed treatment plan to achieve child’s therapy goals
Collaborated with a team of specialized speech and language therapists, physical therapists and psychologists in order to provide outpatient neuropsychological and psychodiagnostic evaluations

Continuing education